Onohea Facial Cleansing Brush

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Deep cleanse your skin every day with ease in just 60 secondes!

Sonic Pulsations

6.000 Sonic pulsations per minute, to clear your skin from dirt, oil, make-up residue, dead skin cells and more


 35x more Hygienic and Durable

Super hygienic brush with its silicone bristle that you can easily clean with water after each use

Power Customization

With its six different Sonic power levels you have more control on the intensity for your cleansing and massage


Cleansing in the Shower

This Go-To skincare device is 100% waterproof


USB Technology

Fully charged in less than 2 hours and the battery can last for a month


Go Anywhere Skincare

Perfect travel companion. You can have it in your gym bag to use after your workout or you can keep in a small handbag while you're on the go

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